When ANPR cameras need to be hidden, our mobile solution offers the solution

Compact, but very complete

Sometimes an ordinary camera is too big for a project or different camera angles are needed. For such a project there is our Emerald mobile camera system. This system is unique because of its modular structure. Separate sensors, LEDs and a processing unit make this system very flexible for the desired solution. Up to six cameras can be connected and scan vehicles of up to 250 km/h on four lanes. The Emerald provides excellent ANPR results.

A complete system, tailor-made

Sometimes it is necessary to conceal cameras. Our mobile cameras are the most suitable option for this. Where our other ANPR solutions contain everything in one housing, the mobile solution allows the camera and processing unit to be placed separately. This creates opportunities to hide the cameras in places where you want them.

Small but accurate

Although ARVOO’s mobile cameras are the size of a matchbox, they have the same features as our Highway cameras. That means the best AI capabilities and powerful processors, equipped with a normal and infrared camera.

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