Parking & Access

For access control in parking lots

with or without barrier (free flow)

Our cameras for parking and access control are used all over the world. The cameras process license plates on-board.  Thanks to internal data storage, the cameras continue to function without connection, and as soon as the connection is restored, all the data is transmitted. Even when it comes to a project without tickets or even without barriers, the ARVOO cameras do the job.

Parking; effortless

ARVOO Parking & Access cameras are used all over the world for enclosed parking lots in the city and beyond. The advanced software makes it possible to facilitate both gate and barrier parking as well as free flow parking. Based on your requirements, together we will choose the right solution for your situation.

Monitored parking garages & lots

Our AI camera instantly analyzes whether access is granted based on tickets, subscriptions or reservations.

Free flow parking

Parking without a gate, by combining data from entry and exit and verifying the vehicle’s parking rights.

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