ANPR cameras
Innovative and intelligent cameras for every situation

ANPR cameras

Innovative in possibilities

Whether it is parking/access control, illegal traffic detection, enforcement of low-emission zones, measuring traffic flows, safety in tunnels: ARVOO’s cameras do the job. It is no coincidence that they are sold worldwide and are an integral part of the street scene in various cities at home and abroad. The range consists of cameras for a single lane, low vehicle speed and short distance to cameras for a four lane, 250km/h vehicle speed and 34 meters distance. On each segment ARVOO delivers flexibility, high quality and reliable ANPR.

Intelligent cameras for every location

ARVOO developed its ANPR cameras over the past decades into high-performance AI cameras that can do much more than just recognize license plates. The Artificial Intelligence we integrated into our software recognizes objects, colors, brands and models. It measures speeds, recognizes direction of travel and analyzes the class of the vehicle. This makes our ANPR cameras usable for many applications.

Three unique features of ARVOO cameras

Thanks to thirty years of experience with innovation, ARVOO is one of the frontrunners in the field of innovative AI techniques. By developing our software and hardware ourselves, we can respond directly to market demands.

Developed in-house

Both the hardware and software of our ANPR cameras have been developed in-house by our own ARVOO engineers. This results in flexible and reliable solutions.

Continuous operation

License plates are read under all lighting conditions, even if the network connection is lost. After processing, the data is transmitted directly to the back office.

Advanced AI

Our AI-techniques learn continuously. Not only license plates, but also make and model, color, vehicle type and class are easily recognized by the software. This makes our cameras versatile in use.

Make your operation even better

Additional services

Bring your operation to the next level!

We can augment image processing with a blurring tool that blurs out unnecessary data while retaining relevant information.

In order to read every license plate, recording from different angles is sometimes necessary. ARVOO cameras can be easily linked for this purpose, with our own software automatically selecting the best image and using it for further analysis.

ARVOO cameras can be combined with other observers in order to perform good analyses. Think of sniffers, or weighbridges. The combination of the analyzed images and data from other measuring instruments, offers a wide range of possibilities.

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