Drive into the future of innovative ANPR parking enforcement


Ten unique values


ANPR with high reliability


Highly accurate GPS positioning. Using four global satellite systems!


Panoramic cameras for a 360 degree view


Safety guaranteed. Clear view for the driver!


User-friendly modular construction


Fully operational with corrective and preventive maintenance


Future-proof technology. Easy to upgrade


Other software modules can be easily implemented


Easy communication with the back-office

ARVOO Academy

User training is available via the ARVOO Academy


Starting with parking enforcement, we developed ScanGenius continuously. Because ARVOO develops both hardware and software in-house, we can respond well to new demands in the market.  We come up with new ideas ourselves and are happily challenged by questions from our customers.

Not only track down tax evaders, but also parking offenders quickly and efficiently. This is possible with ARVOO’s ScanGenius camera system. Deployments in Paris and Amsterdam have shown that enforcement by ScanGenius is 15 times more efficient than by using traffic wardens. The enforcement process can continue regardless of weather conditions; license plates can be read in both the color and infrared spectrum, thereby the continuity of operation is a given. Sharp panoramic images provide the necessary information in the event of a traffic or parking violation. We have equipped dozens of electric vehicles with our ScanGenius scanning system.

The system is available for any type of car and can be transferred to another car within 30 minutes. There is a reason why ARVOO scan cars with cameras in a roof box have become an integral part of the streetscape of major cities at home and abroad.

Make your operation even better

Additional services

Bring your operation to the next level!

Every ScanGenius vehicle can be equipped with a tablet, which assists the driver in performing their tasks. Smart routes, schedules and the current status of the system are visible on the tablet and offer the user extra convenience and insight.

A Route Optimization Tool is available to drive the most efficient scan route.

The blurring tool allows privacy sensitive information to be blurred through advanced blurring software. By using the information from the scanning process, relevant information is retained while other objects and people are blurred out.

A maintenance agreement is possible by means of an SLA.

Our ScanGenius Premium can be equipped with additional cameras, which can read license plates and traffic signs up to twenty meters away. Also upward facing cameras are possible, to properly monitor street lighting, or streets with height differences.

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