Parking Enforcement

ARVOO ScanGenius ANPR AI system is widely used for parking enforcement in many large and small cities in the Europe and abroad. Every car can be turned into a scan car using the ScanGenius ANPR AI system if a roof rack can be mounted onto the car.  Cars equipped with this system, can collect large amounts of data in a short period of time, regardless the weather conditions; number plates are consistently read using the colour and infrared spectrum.  Continuity of operation is a given.

Sharp panoramic images provide necessary contextual information in the event of a potential parking violation, whether it is being used to check for paid parking, outstanding taxes or permits. ScanGenius ANPR AI system scan cars scan vast amounts of parked vehicles and provide the possibility to either enforce on site or via image review. Because of the increased enforcement intensity due to the high amount checked parked vehicles, more people start to pay their parking fee. ScanGenius ANPR AI system deployments in Paris and Amsterdam have shown that enforcement by ScanGenius is 15 times more efficient than by using parking attendants on foot.

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